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Tristin and Kena

2 3           4
6   7 8    
  9         10          
  11         12                
13     14       15          
      16 17
18     19           20 21       22        
25               26            
30 31          
33               34      
36   37          

3.one of the colors on our matching swim suit
9.my birthday month
10.instrument I play
11.pretty things in the sky, we like
12.sport you do
13.object we threw around a lot
15.dance I tried to teach you that one time
18.your favorite food
20.sport we went to a game of together
25.thing Raheim threw in the fire
26.place we swam for practice
28.swim stroke that kills you
29.movie we saw with your sister, three words, put it in without spaces
32.coach who doesnt swim
33.your birthday month
35.type of cracker you ate while we were in the trunk on the camping trip
36.captain americas real name (first name) said weird
1.type of oil you use
2.type of food your dad made for us at your house
4.your superhero name
6.sprays water, you love them
7.ed sheeran song, two words, put it in without spaces
8.thing I can't draw
14.your favorite superhero
15.my swim nickname
16.month of swim tryouts
17.my eye color
19.instrument you play
21.your favorite type of cookies, two words, put it in without spaces
22.fro-yo place we went to a lot
23.thing I thought the paper towel was
24.swim stroke you swim the most
28.thing we bought last day I was there
30.ninja combined with Tristin
31.thing we were going to make a movie about
34.my middle name
37.the best letter in the alphabet

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