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English as a second language [Beginner]

English as a second language.

Thanks go to Ulla for suggesting this. She is a teacher in Denmark teaching English to students.

Puzzle Author Score Views
ESL Word SearchAlan Subolarec=-12121
It starts with the letter 'v'Brian Hodge1279
Two/To/TooDena Page1596
ContainersIan Fuller1462
CRIME AND PUNISHMENTIsabel Frailerec=-1/22056
Irregular Past SimpleKathleenrec=-1/82748
Idiomatic Expressions in EnglishLeigh Weber2171
Foreign Words Used in EnglishMAC01 Santana1938
AilMatua Richard1405
SynonymsMiss Ally2519
Antonyms (7th grade level)Miss Allyrec=24343
They're/There/TheirNouhad Alame1743
ESL VocabularyRichard Bienvenurec=11879
Cultural GeneralizationsStuart Gedal63
T2.7 ShoppingThomas1473
At the PharmacyThomas David1670
Grammar & Parts of SpeechTrista di Genova3930
ESOL Weekly VocabulariesTrung Hoang1718
Animals (English as a second language - beginners)Ulla Neillrec=-3/41958
Body partsUlla Neillrec=-3/21851
AntonymsYvonne-Ann le Roux1904
Aesop : The Fox and the Crowchovahanorec=-12254

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