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Puzzle Author Score Views
Doctor Who Monsters and Main Characters (Series One)Anonymousrec=11126
The Simspons crossword!Tristan Thetsombandithrec=21315
Puzzle #1amandaliciousrec=21223
Doctor Who MonstersJohn Smithrec=31635
Looney TunesErika Dorrellrec=31232
Cant Stop the SerenityCSTSrec=-11296
Who Said it on EnterpriseBy Scoobydogrec=-1910
Monty Python Quotes 938
The names of disney charactersHesaraghatta1954
Season 1: Star TrekJStainton453
Star Trek VoyagerGayle Bollton979
Stargate Atlantisbowchickawowow991
The SimpsonsImDb171171
The Simpson's CrosswordLiam Hickey3169
Doctor WhoAlexander Jordan1455
True BloodAslinn Dhan Dragonhawk1087
TrueBloodCassandra Daly1073
TV Time 1278
The Whedonverse CrosswordDonna Pendragon915
Doctor Who EpisodesRobert Drew1299
Classic Doctor WhoTyler . Bryce1156
Game Show HostsPhillip1069

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