This option selects the language for any text on the finished puzzle that the user doesn't directly control.

You will probably notice that there aren't enough languages here. Feel free to drop me a note (see "Report Bug" to the left) that tells me:

I realize that Arabic (and some other languages) are written from right to left. This isn't handled well yet. I'm sorry about that.

Some things that need to change for right to left languages are:

  1. The numbers in the clue key should have the numbers on the right of the clue.
  2. The "words" modifier should be on the left of the clue.
  3. The number in the clues, as well as the number in the puzzle grid should be in the appropriate character set (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew).
  4. The vertical words should have the right-most letter at the top.
  5. The horizontal words should have the number at the right of the word.

Note that the Welsh language is a little different from other languages in the way it represents a character with two keyboard symbols. See for more information on how this works.