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Puzzle Author Score Views
1760-1865Leah Hiter1218
Early Civilizations of AfricaJeremy Rambarran1140
Middle AgesBL1110
Middle Ages Crossword PuzzleBrendan Hickey4203
Taylor''sCrossword PuzzlesTaylor1109
The Muslim ExpansionM Hough912
Chapter 11 - The Muslim WorldMs. Katz1876
Native Americans of North AmericaMrs. Avery980
The Native Peoples of CanadaMs. Ravensbergen1227
The New DealEmily McCormick1037
New ImperialismMs. Sutcliffe1417
History of Africa from 500bc-1650bcMr. Snarey1151
The Norman ConquestChelsie Keenan955
Oedipus the King, and the History of Ancient GreeceMagda Robak1937
Ottoman Empire and Qing ChinaFry1068
Peloponnesian War 871
Pirates!Martin Hafer1039
Pirates!Ms. Johnson932
PompeiiMrs. Spiller1647
Introduction to Post WWI AmericaMr. Citarella960
The PresidentsSt Mary Mom937
Progressive PresidentsDeb John889
Alabama in ConflictNgina Duvra877
19th Century Reformers Crossword PuzzleCaleb Erven1609
The Legacy of the RenaissanceSection 5 Crossword Puzzle1935
Renaissance ChallengeKendra Stevenson1018
Crossword of the RenaissanceMichael Corleone1055
Revolution in England and North AmericaAmanda Leal1209
Honors History pgs 125-136Camba975
Roman BathsTeale Figgis1022
The Roman Empire CrosswordKevin,Justin1714
Roman Empire 954
All About AdolfH. History878
Russian Czars Increase PowerPam and Karlan1125
The Scientific RevolutionHazel Knutt26
Slavery PuzzlerErin Vaeth1142
social.security.01.html 885
Southeast AsiaAriel Cook1135
Spanish and Native Americans 1476
Statue Of LibertyJenny Lee1163
The Magna Carta 1101
Thomas PaineZach Cramer953
America, Land I Love Review 1Sara Hargis1149
Totalitarianism in Europe after WWIMrs. Warner1600
The Rise of Totalitarian LeadersWalter J. Frazier, M.A. Ed.1905
The Tribes of Roman BritainDylan Garges1251
Who killed whom?Dr. Turner1001
Typography HistoryErich Shelton1286
Typographic LayoutErich Shelton1176
Civil WarJulia Young979
U. S. History Taks PuzzleMr. C1690
Honors U.S. History ReviewSteffen1015
Road to the Civil War 947
Chapter 12 Americn History 973
Union Star Crosswordhunter gullett941
People of the Civil WarBy: Amanda Osborn1004
Unit Vocabulary CrosswordSophie Cannon1022
The Union in PerilLindsy Fagerstrom1192
Unit ThreeJosh Altman896
The Civil War and the Battle of GettysburgMr. Melchiorre1341
Military LeadersJonathan Kim942
The Civil WarAlvin Mathew1042
Civil WarChristina Quinlan1008
Who's who of The Civil WarChad McGonagle1642
Civil WarBilly Garrison1143
U. S. HistoryVirginia Harris1012
Constitution's SignersJulie Nichols1034
U.S. constitutionCandy988
GovernmentJosh Kittle999
United States Government Crossword PuzzleVincent Griffin3637
America's GovernmentWalker Mayerchak1096
Ah..... HistoryHeather Amparano960
History #3Heather979
Chapter 8Sophie Cannon967
Ancient Roman Crossword PuzzleTess Cottom5691
vocabularyKendall Gilbert942
Chapter SixCody Burliss926
History CrosswordLogan Prinz955
US History 1Miss Savage42
Final Exam ReviewMR. E.L. HOLT1007
US HistorySteven Edwards984
Chapter 3 Crossword PuzzleU.S. History/12800
Important People, Places, and Dates to the RevolutionEvolutionary Revolutionary Magazine938
American Revolution ReviewJessie Hampton971
American RevolutionMegan Kocher951
Ancient Rome 999
Chapter 6 TermsKatie Schweizer951
Chapter 2 PuzzleMichael Nguyen935
The Revolution AND War of 1812M. Hafer946
Ch. 10 Crazy IndependenceKaley Carter915
The American Revolutionby Ella Vador1025
50 states joined the unionDeeJ1948
The Vietnam ConflictMaclean1078
chapter 4 key termsklostermann907
Game for VocabLuke Pentecost984
Andrew JacksonMr. Wheeler1012
War Between the StatesJoshua Rivenbark902
Women In HistoryBy Louise Jett952
52 Famous WomenRobyne Edwards35
the woodland indianskim reese1022
AGS World History CH 2 VocabularyMs. Kris1306
World HistoryTaylor Roop962
World History Review Crossword 69
World War OneJina Hyun, Period 2/Munson, 4-25-051002
Social Studies Crossword Puzzle AssignmentPhillip Kim2014
1781 ~ 1850James Lee966
Anne Frank Vocab. Act 1Michelle Goulet44
World War IDanielle Cote1099
Chapter 18 Crossword PuzzleKlostermann2290
WWI Crossword puzzleDe'lissa Relacion77
WWI ReviewMs.Vasallo's American History1331
World War II 1073
World War ll VocabAustyn Erickson1114
World War II VocabularyAmber White1212
World War II VocabularyAmber White1385
WWIIPatrick Salbaing1036
Social 20 Theme OneJilene Schafers956
Anne Frank Crossword PuzzleSandra Kue1160
World War TwoJacob Fast993
World War Two- Begining to Turning PointsNewton1490
Social Studies Vocabulary Words PuzzleJoey Lee1218
Chapter 20 CrosswordAnida Sundara1146
Aztec and Renaissance HistoryHaileybury College2129
The Battles of the Western Front GCSE 895
Black HistoryJoe and Thomas12964
Vocabulary - The Boston Tea PartyMrs. Hartwig1217
Burma Shave!Timmy Misiura1095
Byzantine Empire and The ChurchSusan Wiles1055
Parts of a CastleK. Steele1361
The World of the Castle 891
Causes of WWIIMike Sanchez1117
CharlemagneDerek DeRooy975
Chief Joseph of the Nez PerceMr. Jay Nielsen1096
History of ChocolateT. Williams1164
Christopher Columbus Facts 1262
Worth Fighting ForRebecca Alaniz1017
Civil WarKen Nelson920
1920sTobe Buffenbarger1176
Code TalkerJoseph Bruchac42
The Cold WarMot Nella1036
The Cold WarMs. Gasperoni1007
Cold War Test ReviewMr. Schiralli1097
Cold War TermsTristan Walker2152
Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492Mrs. Wiedower46
The confederation and the constitution, 1776-1790Trinity2106
The ConstitutionRobert Knapp981
ConstitutionShannon, Amanda,1015
1920-1929 American Cultural HistoryNicky Sargent1741
Crazy YearVenice Wong944
The Cultures of Central AsiaKrisynda Mathis900
Dark AgesSteven Kingdon1010
The Great DepressionKunal Sinha960
Discovering AmericaJim Webb961
Dividing North America 964
Europe's Early Middle AgesRachel Chien977
Empires and Cultures of the AmericasLeslie Briggs1073
Ch 10 VocabularyKlostermann887
Federalist Period CrosswordMs Szeliga51
Feudalism in JapanCarla Yaxley1001
1920s 1059
The French-Indian WarMartin Hafer1061
French Revolution CrosswordMehl3888
French RevolutionJack Ellston28
Gilded AgeJeffrey Palmeiro1425
Going WestMangrove Productions938
Gold rush termsAlexandra Ko1616
Great Depression CrosswordSamantha Brocker2242
Golden Ages of Greece and RomeMark Bays2134
Greek CrosswordKathryn Matson2462
Greek and Helenistic ContributionsMr. Bergin1061
1920's slangAnnie Horsman1323
History 101--Greeks and RomansJudy Marks1115
Ancient Greece and RomeLawrence Rowswell1087
Hellenistic Aetataureate: 335-146 B.CConrad Jalowski1086
Henry VIIVicky MacKinnon950
historyVeronica Burgess922
Chapter 14 Vocabulary PuzzleKlostermann1162
History PuzzleMarion McLean and Jake Petty1035
The Puzzle of ImperialismBy Mr. Frawley1054
Imperialism and World War IMr. Schiralli2225
France, Austria, and Russia: Age of AbsolutismT. Storm1950
Inca VocabularyGracie Rupp1524
Ancient IndiaShaun1016
Industrial and Agricultural Revolution 976
The Industrial RevolutionKarlan Eberhardt1638
The Industrial RevolutionNatasha Elander1022
Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissanceby Rudy Wakening46
Jewish American HistoryMichelle902
John F KennedyAshley Payne and Mayra Martinez931
Colonization of AfricaShari Baldock1114
Julius CaesarRyan J, Raven A, Shama D, Sean O, Matt T.1262
Julius CaesarBy: Amber Harbin1240
Kansas History-IndiansName:__________________________________1162
London 960
Manifest DestinyMr. Kramlich997
Marco PoloSophie1011
Medieval TimesErin Johnson1067
Medieval TimesMr. Mikrut1177
Counties in Michigan with Native American namesMrs. Loachridge5139

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