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Puzzle Author Score Views
The 44th PresidentBarack H. Obama782
current events and politics - Jan 25th, 2006DJ Entropy746
Defining TerrorismProfessor Supplee846
The Federal Court SystemLaura Williams838
Government CrosswordCaiger1095
Greek PhilosophersThe Calculus Dragon796
Democratic Institutions in Canada and the United StatesTMR899
Ch. 5kimmiee821
Parliament House CrosswordHaley1094
Peace, Nonviolence, and Human RightsS. Leah E. A. Kortman801
Political PartiesCatherine, Ruth, Casey, Becca, Carly1016
Political SystemsLisa Pierce765
Rights and FreedomsCarleen Novak801
United States CabinetMike Lloreda762
Legislative VocabularyMr. Magolis1193
Grayson's Term Sheet CrosswordGrayson784

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