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User listed puzzles

This is a listing of puzzles that people have asked to be listed. There is no quality control over what sort of puzzles are listed here, so beware. If people use this feature nicely, this may be a place to get word match puzzles that others have done.

You can also look at a collection of particularly interesting word match puzzles that have been saved in this category.


Title of puzzle Author Date Score Views
animalsAnonymous17 Feb 2012 20:24:331068
From Milk to CheeseExploring River Valley28 Jan 2011 09:30:39915
Underseamolly guiberson22 Apr 2012 16:30:57871
Land AnimalsSpanish 217 Apr 2013 06:42:27 Spanish637
TURTLES!!!!Meghan T. Maddie K. Herman C.15 May 2013 10:53:35603
zXxZx17 Jun 2013 21:25:46512
Human GeographyAnonymous 6 Nov 2013 08:01:01481
Baby Pictures PuzzleTest25 Apr 2014 09:51:55 Babies474
Chapter 6 VocabCorey19 Dec 2013 06:37:52453
bearshaton17 Apr 2014 11:33:51396
No puzzle name specifiedAnonymous17 Aug 2014 18:23:00285
Greek VocabularyMs. Roundtree 6 Feb 2015 12:13:23219
No puzzle name specifiedAnonymous31 Jan 2015 22:02:28180

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