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Sunny Day

Bring on the Sun

C tHruh es Senoeme
NS et'nniohnisA u
op SSun tahku e
u ooySM ennus hShledinr
e n LoifeSor huv fslnel Aoht
e SsaS e tnhionsun
S,ynhoniG as uodeD
enhLu teh/annusA tiqrSes Iiu
a htgrnS a Sutneit
n MuSr
tS nBidhnu ehe
SsGe nn eda sshtn TcMefo si us Iancaa
nSnDuy ya
i o sgR huuHofsnn tSeie
nneoeetimh Ce srse hHuS
lnI i ta unedhSsn
oD Go nuwn'n SetM nD he o ettLo
Sesunh rSumnepani
msiinmreSunSm u eeadhtn
eueSKt hepSed y nnno i
n oeoefn fr hui Meai LeyYhtSu s
Oet dS feiunerent Sehott yn h S
lhSn Pi ua ec Aent
muYnore i auensh Sy
WGeoSo wnhhtenu ne s D
eSh tevoWnhsL u o
gSe ns'W ihnn Sinue lehtil
eourSalsetWt no
ufo rW ahtnmhS et
kWlain'ho eSnsun in
ef ainoi thuStrWn g
tuhrnS pn uTe u
umr ohiohreTfdRS nc t k
uunrl STqiseaei
h uiRSesnsones
iS,nenSssuret u

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