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maniac magee


UNSCRAMBLE ALL THE WORDS ( If the Wonders of the World hadn't stopped at seven, Cobble's Knot would have been number eight. Nobody knew how it got there. As the story goes, the original Mr. Cobble wasn't doing too well with the original Cobble's Corner Grocery at the corner of Hector and Birch. In his first two weeks, all he sold was some Quaker Oats and penny candy. Then one morning, as he unlocked the front door for business, he saw the Knot. It was dangling from the flagpole that hung over the big picture window, the one that said FROSTED FOODS in icy blue and white letters. He got out a pair of scissors and was about to snip it off, when he noticed what an unusual and incredible knot it was. And then he got an idea. He could offer a prize to anyone who untangled the Knot. Publicize it. Call the newspaper. Winner's picture on the front page, Cobble's Corner in the background)

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