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10 commandments

Kaitlyn Hodge

This jumble is all of the commandments of the Lord our God, of what we should and should not do.

aslyel rh vetrfuogoeodo eb ah e n osmh
k osymrlfo t lao rn eun eladuif osyolah
adr dos u sieuteeh oytd L ennmo t fmhoooG r
th oeesyta lbepahbyh kd a
nathrn e or yamhhe roooudrft
ondaurtsle luho y mr
mya ctd omhoauinylrosue lt tl
ylna lae t othslsou
sosnetifytyg ti eah g ouinlartagl e eb yloonns iusovhmar
en hsl lytv autcooo

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