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Habit 6, Synergize, The "High" Way

Susan R. and Krystal G.

DEFINITION BANK: 1.) People have this when they are clueless and do not understand other people's thoughts and feelings. 2.) The combination of cultures, races, religions and ideas. There are three different types, shun, tolerate, and celebrate. 3.) People who are sure and steady, they stick to the job until it's done. 4.) People have this when they stereo-type, label, or pre- judge others. 5.) People who are fun to work with but they can be tough at times. They often add the spice and push needed to bring the team over-all success. 6.) People who believe everyone has the right to be different. 7.) When two or more poeple work together to create a better solution than either could alone. 8.) These people provide unity and support and are great synergizers as they work with others and encourage cooperation. 9.) They are the creative people who offer the sparks. 10.) People who are very supportive of leaders. If they hear a great idea, they can run with it. WORD BANK: plodders, diversity, prejudice, ignorance, show-offs, followers, tolerators, harmonizers, synergy, innovators


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