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Pampered Puzzle

Jeri Fuller

Words or phrases, recipes, product names - all found in the catalog

rurs sgaeipag nndhrne
e sfcn duhcet teraetiur
egnic risonlot
yean drtriee nsd
apbgiletstobrb n aeave
rngplegciiagsi e rtrel
dvbercn kdes rroi eepena edet
enruy owrd yani
ktakdole iaipard ceh n
n ekbirami
mkt thme ka ehi liafearsty he
rsa ettntpo e
elbnee eulryrm oifbrtl
orofhes aitvt
eg ctdeeliinnlebrodovsa c
emhriejetagsi wdrbslltn mra t sauosigdee
dvdrr speaptate eetcdoe
sb stseaneso
siioidsmanltpd e
ts assaentsreilme
ortur fd eht upmrn hoea
noadiapnkienwnp sw
oasrs tkcr
ouyar phph
sb ancereil
t o oa b obebgtsegtvl
eblsoupw sr
eyesistcnsm nv ogaoanre
nocecrai fur nacsa dnp eobtllf
k wvcheeeimcanihhir lci ctiow
uip seitebeenatgs
ti eit
rdoue baojdrbvd etilirwdaseabms a
rnrbu cuoru sbsdh
a ianlrtecssnslee
deir er baxebm
avgealopanirmn rsgabc aimete
iu goae dsiflnrcnoonlea a
tnonaiorn mkjinec
btoellbac u
acdbaspe tyoi lsele aett
og onth e
oradhwrs tes
rou bcokg r bnar efomuy
fdruc petaeu ovrle
odtsehflattee i g o
ct o sneukntalitwn
wh t aovoedly ou

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