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Sheiimehti:Q fkppbu sediyijydw ev q whyt ev igkqhui qdt rbqdai ydje mxysx mehti sheiiydw luhjysqbbo qdt xehypedjqbbo qhu mhyjjud qssehtydw je sbkui
MehtIuqhsx:Jxyi fhelytui jxu buqhduh qd effehjkdyjo je iuqhsx mehti myjxyd q igkqhu eh husjqdwbu ev tyvvuhudj jofui ev qbfxqruji
MehtIshqcrbu:Huqhhqdwu jxu bujjuhi ro sbysaydw qdt thqwwydw jxuc buvj eh hywxj je vehc jxu sehhusj meht
MehtCqjsx:Tuvydyjyedi qhu cqjsxut myjx jxuyh ifusyvys auomehti, meht ishqcrbu yd mxysx mehti qhu qkjecqjysqbbo zkcrbut ro jxu fhewhqccu je sxqbbudwu jxu kiuh je cqjsx myjx jxuyh hywxj mehti
Rqwubi:Q bewysqb wqcu yd mxysx jme fbqouhi sxeeiu qdt wkuii q jxhuu tywyj dkcruh je ieblu jxu sxqbbudwu
VhuixMehti:Yj qiai jxu kiuhi je udjuh jxu meht eh bujjuhi je kiu ekj ev mxysx ie cqdo mehti sqd ru shuqjut qkjecqjysqbbo ro jxu edbydu ievjmqhu myjx q sxeysu ev dkcruh ev qbfxqruji yd jxu ixehjuij meht je ru shuqjut

Some of the puzzles that people list for the public get indexed by the search engines (like Google). Some people find those puzzles and cannot figure out how to make a puzzle of their own. So this page now has the navigation sidebar.

There are now buttons on the puzzle so that you can get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's print button to print. The PDF format allows the web site to know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. Don't panic!

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