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Mrs. Smith

Rkz tuz euax nkgxz hk zxuahrkj:
ek hkrokbk ot Muj, hkrokbk gryu ot sk.
Ot se Lgznkx'y nuayk gxk sgte sgtyouty:
ol oz ckxk tuz yu, O cuarj ngbk zurj eua.
O mu zu vxkvgxk g vrgik lux eua.
Gtj ol O mu gtj vxkvgxk g vrgik lux eua, O corr iusk gmgot, gtj xkikobk eua atzu seykrl;
zngz cnkxk O gs, znkxk ek sge hk gryu.
Gtj cnoznkx O mu ek qtuc, gtj znk cge ek qtuc.
Znusgy ygozn atzu nos, Ruxj, ck qtuc tuz cnoznkx znua mukyz; gtj nuc igt ck qtuc znk cge?
Pkyay ygozn atzu nos,
O gs znk cge, znk zxazn, gtj znk rolk:
tu sgt iuskzn atzu znk Lgznkx, haz he sk.
Ol ek ngj qtuct sk, ek cuarj ngbk qtuct se Lgznkx gryu:
gtj lxus nktikluxzn ek qtuc nos, gtj ngbk ykkt nos.
Punt 14:1-7

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