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Zeus Family Tree

2       3
5   6
7 8              
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    11   12   13      

2.there are ______ Muses (4 letters)
4.number of sons Zeus had (5 letters)
8.Zeus and _________ gave birth to Persephone (7 letters)
9.only wife of Zeus (4 letters)
12.only mortal lover of Zeus to give birth to a god [gave birth to Dionysus] (6 letters)
14.demi-god; Queen of Sparta who later ran off with Paris [from Troy] (5 letters)
15.he had ______ daughters (not including the Muses) (4 letters)
16.god of wine, son of Zeus (8 letters)
1.god of war and son of Hera (4 letters)
3.son of Danae; a demi-god who cut off Medusa's head (7 letters)
5.considered one of the strongest demi-gods ever (8 letters)
6.only daughter of Hera (4 letters)
7.ruler of Mount Olympus, god of weather (4 letters)
10.daughter of Zeus, god of the hunt, wilderness, and fertility (7 letters)
11.the greek city Athens is named after her (6 letters)
13.one of Zeus' many love affairs, her roman name is Latona and she is the mother of Apollo and Artemis (4 letters)

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