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If you're truly a train fanatic...



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1.Hamburg metro company
4.C20 & H01 owner (name of fighter jet)
5.City with 26 tram lines and 4 underground lines
6.Number of lines in Lille
10.Number of zones in the London metro (excluding special fares zone)
12.City with Passeig de Gracia station
14.Common home of the R160
15.Spanish train company with Media Distancia and Regional trains from Barcelona to Portbou (France)
16.Electric, Steam, Freight, Magnetic...
17.Home of the NS double-decker
18.Train company who have now extended route to Dusseldorf
2.Type of brake on a diesel train
3.Biggest french central station?
7.Official colours of London metro, Red, Blue & _____
8.City in France with only 24 train stations
9.U_, Berlin train line with 40+ stations (Rathaus Spandau to Rudow)
11.Ikebukuro, Enoshima & Inokashira are all lines in which city?
13.Eurostar's former Ebbsfleet Int. station
19.One of the Paris metro companies
20.River that seperates Newcastle's North shields & South shields stations

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