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Sherri Gough

Words associated with the video game Halo.

1 2
3                       4   5  
6           7  
  9         10           11
12 13          
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            19   20
23                                   24

3.Name for the energy shield that deflects all projectile weapons and thrown grenades. (2 words)
4.Number of rounds per magazine in a sniper rifle.
6.Another name for Yanme'e. Hint: they fly.
9.The Gravemind is a part of the _________ that exists when this particular thing absorbs thinking creatures.
10.Number of needles per caddy in a needler gun.
13.Number of people that can fit into a mongoose.
14.The Elites' leader is called ___________. (2 words)
17.Someone who likes playing Halo a lot.
21.Number of people that can fit into a ghost.
22.Wormlike entities that fight in pairs.
23.The current year in the Halo game. (4 words)
25.Immense, terraformed rings that the aliens are sending out into the universe.
27.Name of button on the X-Box controller that performs the "move up" function. (2 words)
28.Leader of the Covenant. (4 words)
1.This thing shows the weapons, grenades and equipment you're carrying. Three letters that stand for three words.
2.The Master Chiefs best friend. Full name and rank. (4 words)
5.Another name for grunts.
7.The only link to the secret of Halo (a person).
8.A colorful grenade is called a _______ _________. (2 words)
11.Halo's rating.
12.The name of Cortana's cruiser. (3 words)
14.Name of the Covenant leadership. (2 words)
15.Another name for Spartan-117. (2 words)
16.The name of the former ship that is now the Gravemind's "home." (2 words)
18.Term for the alien civilization that is the enemy. (2 words)
19.Name of button on the X-Box controller that performs the "slow motion" and "fast forward" function. (2 words)
20.Commander Miranda ________.
24.Allies to humans.
26.Color shown when your shield is in an optimal state.

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