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Buffy the Vampire Slayer


1 2 3
  4             5   6
  8 9             10
11   12                       13                
15                             16   17                  
  18         19 20                      
              21   22      
25       26              
  27   28     29   30                           31
        32 33                            
  34     35                     36 37     38    
      40     41 42                    
43                   44                        
45 46           47 48           49                
51         52           53  
  55       56          

4.Willow's Double
7.silent villains
9.___ Herder
11.transition into werewolf
13.Giles' shop
15.Giles' tattoo
16.Where Willow met Tara
18.Buffy's middle name
20.Vampires don't cast
22.Angel's real name
23.song that Rupert plays for Joyce
24.Buffy's cousin
25.Vampire parent
26.Jock Willow helps
28.R__ Giles
30.Song Buffy played when crushing on Ford
33.evil watcher
35.the Scoobies
37.William's poetry muse
39.Have a reputation for being eaten
40.Nikki ___
42.Xander's watch
43.Warrior Vampires
44.Sunnydale high locale
45.Demon Angelus awakens
47.Sunnydale Club
49.Boca de Inferno
51.Buffy's Double
52.Xander's ___ Dance
54.Xander's middle name
55.I may be __ but I'm still pretty
56.singing demon
57.Rupert's nickname
58.Xander's Double
1.Grr Argh!
2.1630 ___ Drive
3.Cordelia's license plate
5.crayon color Willow broke in kindergarten
6.Talent show performance
8.object that holds a soul
10.not quite a slayer
12.Homecoming tracking device
14.Faith saying
15.Kendra's favorite stake
17.Buffy/Angel Theme
19.Joyce shops here
21.Buffy's award
27.Buffy's stuffed animal
29.Devon's Band
31.Tara's surname
32.Demon night off
34.what Buffy wants to stop celebrating
36.The color of Dawn's energy
38.evil military operation
41.Oz's first name
44.Joyce's betrothed
46.What Buffy is
48.Ethan's surnamee
50.Willow's fear
53.episode that Jenny dies

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