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space crossword

1 2
3       4       5       6
    9     10              
15     16              

3.a rock which usually orbits the sun
5.its an object that orbits a planet
7.how heavy a object is for the amount of space it takes up
9.gas that a planets gravity holds to its surface
11.a collection of many solar systems, stars and other space objects
12.the only planet that we know of the supports life
13.it ranges from hot to cold
15.a place where we use a telescope to oberve space
17.somthing that is usually formed from a star
18.they usually revolve around a star
19.things that have to do with the sun
1.it emits light and is very hot
2.a groups of a stars which appear to form a shape to us
3.lights in the sky which are cause by solar flares from the sun
4.a form of light which can be very dangerous to us
6.a small object that revolves around another one
8.repetitive changes of an object
10.a revolving action which is caused by gravitation pull
14.a icy object which leaves a trail
16.when a veiw of a object is obstructed by another object
17.things that have to do with the moon

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