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South Carolina Elections

York County Elections & Registrations

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2.PEB, the device used to activate the I-Votronic machine, stands for Personal Electronic _________.
5.Voters must sign the _________ _________, which signified they accept the oath at the top of the page. (2 words)
6.A ______________ ballot is used for people who have moved outside of their precinct and not updated their address with the Elections Office.
8.The youngest a person can be anad work the polls as an assistant.
10.All voters must show one of three forms of _____________ before being allowed to vote.
13.The Democratic and Republican ______________ were held in June 2010.
16.A voting option for voters with disabilities to vote in their vehicle.
19.These tapes are printed at the end of Election Day and posted in a visible location.
20.Polls are open for voting between _______ a.m. and __________ p.m.
21.The guard rail ensurses the ________ of the ballot.
1.Person who attends training and become certified to work the polls on Election Day. (2 words)
3.The legal age to vote in the US
4.someone representing a party or candidate that watches the election process. (2 words)
5.A geographical area created by the legislature for convenient localization of voters.
7.These tapes are printed at the beignning of the day, before anyone votes and are posted in a visible location.
9.The guard rail (masking tape line) must be ___ feet from the voting booth.
11.All campaign materials, hats, buttons, shirts, etc must be at least _______ feet from the entrance of the polling location. (2 words)
12._________ Elections are heald on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even number years.
14.There are 17 reasons why someone can vote before election day, also called voting __________.
15.The Voter Registration List is also called "The ________."
17.True or False: Husband and Wife can vote together.
18.A Change of Address form is used for people who have ________ and not updated their address with the Elections Office.

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