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Family Law Review


Terms, documents, time limits... it's ALL here!

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4.Custody where each guardian has one child each
6.official business conducted outside the courtroom; more than 20 minutes (2 words)
7.Defendant served outside Alberta has _____ days to respond
10.Agreement used to waive rights under Family Law Act
11.where the Notice to Defendant is located
13.Statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (2 words)
15.One who has the legal authority and duty to care for another's person or property
16.The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court
18.Custody where each guardian has kids for 40% of time
19.Used to be called common law (2 words)
21.Held during a contested divorce, before going to trial (2 words)
24.care & control of a thing or person; Part of Corollary Relief
26.An agreement to defraud another person or the court; a bar to divorce
29._________ validity: consists of legal capacity, consent, and ability to perform sexual duties
34.Marriage License is valid for _____ months
35.document asking for other party's financial information (3 words)
37.______ Descendant: a person with a direct blood link to you
38.Section of Divorce Act dealing with Duties of a Lawyer
39.document signed by the court at the end of the divorce proceedings (2 words)
41.Defendant served in Alberta has _____ days to respond
43.16-18 with guardian's agreement; 14-16 (females) with doctor's note and guardian's agreement (3 words)
44.a voluntary union of 1 man & 1 woman for life, to the exclusion of all others
46.One spouse's corrupt consent to have the other commit adultery; a bar to divorce
47._________ Order: order changing a current standing order
48.falls under Common Law; as if the marriage never happened
49.Agreement used to waive rights under Matrimonial Property Act
1.service out of province
2.__________ access: almost a 50/50 split of time
3.Notice to Reply to __________ ______________ (2 words)
4.one member of a married pair
5.Marrying more than one person for religious reasons
8.Exhibit to the Affidavit of Applicant (2 words)
9.Child Support is based on _____ income
12.Ability, right, or permission to interact with a thing or person; Part of Corollary Relief
14.To enter into a marriage by a formal act, usually before witnesses
17.cost to start an action in provincial court
20.Section of Divorce Act dealing with Special Expenses
22.Custody where one guardian has primary care and has kids for 60% of time
23.Number of Fridays a Notice of Motion Family Law Special Chambers Application must be filed & served by
24._________ Relief
25.Must send to Vital Statistics within 24 hours (2 words)
27.__________ Divorce: both parties want divorce and are not arguing over (or have already worked out) the details
28.The relationship of persons of the same blood or origin
30.main contact for decisions regarding care (2 words)
31.Letter sent before Special Chambers; cannot be longer than 4pgs.
32.__________ access: alternating weekends
33.Custody where one guardian has kids 100% of time
36.Where Stmt of Claim for Divorce must be filed (2 words)
40.A victim's express or implied forgiveness of an offense (allowing behaviour, then changing your mind); a bar to divorce
42.Parenting after ___________ Seminar
45.Number of Defendants in a divorce action

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