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Composition Makes it Happen

Mrs. Katina Lowe

A puzzel that helps students understand and define the rules of composition.

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6.Digital Photography allows us to check our images
9.If you want to capture more of the environment, move
10.Where can you photograph
13.Lighting, great moments, and____ make great photographs
14.Curves, tonal ______, and visual weight add to tension
15.What can you photograph
16.Creates images that are nicely balanced and pleasing to the eye
18.Great photography has how many things
19.If you want to fill the frame, move
20.When using the rule of thirds, compose the photo allowing the subject or center of interest to fall on one of the ____ intersection points
2.Everything in the photo is
3.A winding road or river in a photograph indicates an
4.Adding familiar subject like an animal or human which instantly gives the viewer a sense of
5.Always ask yourself, "Does this photo____?"
7.Foreground, middle ground, and background lead your eye
8.Pull your eye along a path
11.Over and Over and Over and Over and Over
12.Keep It Simple Shutterbug
14.Horizon lines should never be dead
17.If a photo is too symmetrical and balanced; then there is no

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