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History of Theatre

Janet Stephens

important people, events, etc. of the history of theatre

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1.queen who helped cause the rise of English drama in 1500s
5.drama written for the educated elite of Japan; stories focus on ghosts, doomed love, and revenge
7.characterized by cliff-hanging plots and heart-tugging emotional appeals; highly popular in America in early 1800s
10.directed and starred in some of the most ambitious film versions of Shakespeare in the '90s
12.recognized the origin of Greek theatre in hymns sung and danced to honor Dionysus
13.written for "common man" of Japan; elaborate makeup and costumes are essential
14.antirealistic movement developed in Russia before WW1
15.almost unvaringly tragic; had variety of influences (expressionism, theatrical experiment, etc.)
18.mainly a comic form before WW2; gained maturity in 1943 with Oklahoma; shows often have simple plots, memorable songs, large casts, and lavish sets
20.began his theatrical career as critic in London; wanted theatre to explore controversial issues
23.Russia's greatest dramatist; his work has inspired modern playwrights in all styles of theatre
24.her believable black characters inspired many other African American dramatists
25.Medieval plays that depicted episodes from the Bible
28.most significant American female playwrights in '20s & 30's; dealt with controversial issues and showed concern for social justice
29.India's classical language; plays showed good triumphing over evil
33.british actor, extremely versatile and creative
34.Medieval plays that presented personified virtues and vices in dramas depicting the moral struggles of the soul
35.designs for productions such as Lion King reflect her extensive study of world theatre and committment to a multicultural theatre
36.European theatre that grew out of religious ritual; there were three main types of theatre from this time frame
38.type of opera in which all parts are played by males who undergo rigorous training from an early age; minimal set and props; elaborate costumes
2.combines spoken dialogue and songs set to popular tunes in the 1700s
3.professional form of theatrical improvisation with stock characters
4.artisitc movement that developed in Europe before WW1; German style focused on the horrors of war
6.greatest British actor of the 1700s; introduced new, natural style of speech and movement
8.popular in English court and were expenisve, lavish spectacles that combined huge casts, gorgeous costumes, beautiful scenery, music, and stagecraft
9.golden age lasted from 1580 to 1680 and coincided with height of country's wealth and power
11.period in theatre after monarch was restored to England; arrival of the first women to act professionally
16.type of comedy which was more realistic and humorous
17.Medieval plays that dealt with the lives of saints and martyrs
19.committed to portraying African Americans realistically and sensitively and "to raise consciousness through theatre"
21.brought about turning point in the treatment of homosexual themes in American theatre
22.most representative American playwright of the era of the sitcom
24.German nun who became first woman to write plays for over 1000 years; plays told lives of saintly women and taught lessons about virtues
26.finest American playwright of period immediately before WW2
27.American playwright; characters cling to fragile illusions only to see them shattered
30.best known for play Death of a Salesman, which successfully combined realism and symbolic expresionism
31.combined poetry, music, dance, and drama in play which depicts brutal oppression of black women by black men
32.American playwright who forms a link between modern classics and contemporary theatre
37.aka theatre of alienation; served Marxist social purpose of educating audiences
39.father of modern drama

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