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Greek Mythology

Name: ___________________________________ Date: _______________

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1.goddess of Hearth; virgin goddess; sister to Zeus
6.ferries the souls of the dead across the water to Tartarus
8.river of forgetfulness
9.nine in number; all of one mind
11.Zeus' father
13.Apollo's twin sister; lady of wild things
15.protector of marriage; Zeus' wife
16.goddess of harvest/corn; mother of Persephone
22.the supreme ruler; lord of the sky
23.god of fire; husband of Aphrodite; he is lame
24.wife of Hades; daughter of Demeter
25.god of the sea; Zeus's brother; carries a trident
26.god of wine
27.they were half man and half horse; savage creatures
2.enchanting voices; lured sailors to their deaths.
3.god of war
4.Zeus' messenger; on his feet were winged sandels
5.earth dwellers; there were three (Medusa is the most famous); snakes for hair
7.she sprang from Zeus' head; goddess of city; she is fierce
10.the river of unbreakable oath
12.god of the under world; wife is Persephone
14.the deeper of the two levels in Hades
17.the river of fire
18.goddess of love; mother of Cupid
19.three headed, dragon tailed dog; allows spirit to enter; guards the gate
20.a division of Hades; where the dead pass as soon as they die
21.god of light and truth; the healer

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