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Respiratory Distress

Brenda Shelton

Respiratory distress, it's diagnosis and management are essential skills for nurses working in acute care. This crossword reviews some of the basic concepts related to this clinical disorder and related nursing care.

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5.invasive method of sampling blood from an artery that provides information regarding acid-base balance and oxygenation, and (3 words)
10.continuous positive airway pressure
12.caused by hyperventilation (2 words)
14.expiratory positive airway pressure
15.common cause of low volume alarms in noninvasive ventilation (2 words)
16.inspiratory positive airway pressure
17.inadequate blood oxygen
18.common complication of BiPAP tight-fiting mask (2 words)
20.mechanical ventilation
1.compensated by hyperventilation (2 words)
2.bilevel positive airway pressure
3.provision of ventilatory support via a tight-fitting face mask (2 words)
4.common complication of BiPAP when used in patient with depressed mental status
6.indicator of adequate noninvasive ventilatory support settings (2 words)
7.pH less than 7.35 with CO2 greater than 45 mm Hg (2 words)
8.provision of ventilatory support via a tube placed into the trachea via the nose, mouth or front of neck (2 words)
9.noninvasive method of measuring the adequacy of blood oxygenation (2 words)
11.can be caused by excess bicarbonate replacement or loss or body acids (2 words)
13.excessive blood levels of carbon dioxide
19.noninvasive ventilation

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