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Roman Gods and Latin Vocabulary


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18   19     20 21   22 23    
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52           53   54

2.She Falls in Latin
5.Latin: Ad _______ (Toward the country house)
9.They in Latin
12.Boy in Latin
13.Toward in Latin
14.Voice in Latin
15.I See in Latin
16.Latin: Non _______ (He is not afraid)
18.Latin: _______ novum sub sole est. (There is nothing new under the sun)
23.There in Latin
24.They Are in Latin
25.Roman God of War
26.Between in Latin
28.Slave in Latin
30.Under in Latin
32.Because Of in Latin
34.Near in Latin
36.I in Latin
37.To Sit in Latin
39.And in Latin
40.Latin : Pueri ______ (The Boys Are Laughing)
42.Latin: Sub ______ (Under the tree)
43.Y'all Live in Latin
45.Top Roman God
47.Stealthily in Latin
49.I Love in Latin
50.He Climbs in Latin
52.Roman Goddess of the Hearth
53.Where in Latin
55.Latin: Magna _____ (Loudly)
1.Man in Latin
3.He Hears in Latin
4.The Same in Latin
6.Why? in Latin
7.But in Latin
8.Top Roman Goddess
10.Without in Latin
11.Who in Latin
15.Roman Goddess of Beauty
17.Many in Latin
19.Today in Latin
20.You (singular) Prepare in Latin
21.I Am in Latin
22.She Runs in Latin
23.Therefor in Latin
27.You (singular) in Latin
28.Always in Latin
29.Cold in Latin (Second declension nominative singular)
30.Suddenly in Latin
31.Tired (First declension nominative singular)
33.To Read in Latin
34.Of the Girls in Latin
35.Through in Latin
38.Farmer in Latin
41.He lives in Latin
44.Latin: Ex __________ (Out of The Fields)
46.Branch in Latin
48.Latin: ___ vero (Yes; "true dat")
51.With in Latin
54.Into in Latin

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