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Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe


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5.a rapidly spinning neutron star that emits rapid pulses of radio and optical energy
6.an object so massive and dense that even light cannot escape its gravity
8.the brightness of a star as seen from the earth
11.the study of the origin properties processes and evolution of the universe
13.a large reddish star late in its life cycle
15.the location on the h-r diagram where most stars lie
16.the distance that light travels in one year, about 9.5 trilliion kilometers
17.cool stars are
19.the band of color produced when white light passes through a prism
21.a star that has collapsed under gravity to the point that the electrons and protons have smashed together to form neutroms
23.a tight group of stars that look like a ball and contains up to 1 million stars
25.yellow-white star
26.the milky way
27.a very luminous, starlike object that generates energy at a high rate,
1.a graph that shows the relationship between a star's surface temperature and absolute magnitude
2.the brightness that a star would have at a distance of 32.6 light years from earth
3.cucumber shaped galaxies with the round end facing our galaxy
4.the theory that states the universe began with a tremendous explosion 13.7 billion years ago
7.a gigantic explosion in which a massive star collapses and throws its outer layers into space
9.the sun
10.a group of stars that are close together relative to surrounding stars
12.a small hot, dim star taht is the leftover center of an old star
14.a collection of stars, dust, and gas bound together by gravity
18.an apparent shirt in the postiion of an object when viewed from different locations
20.the north star
22.a large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space, a region in space where stars are born or where stars explode at the end of their lives
24.hot stars are...

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