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Boy Scouts of America

Scout Master

Put your Scouting knowledge to the test. First one done gets a prize.

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1.A condition that is always treated for in first aid
3.Represented by the up-turned ribbon on your badge
5.Represents the Scout Slogan on your badge
7.Kind act with no thought of reward
9.A pole often used for hiking, sometimes for wizardry
11.Be true to something or someone
13.Combining two ropes without a knot
14.Scout instructions
15.Rest on water
17.Worn on the right shoulder of your uniform
18.Number of non-required merit badges for Eagle
19.What "Be Prepared" is
22.Used to keep a rope from fraying
2._____ hitch (used to start a lashing)
3.A "nerdy" knot
4.Only Cub Scout award allowed on the Boy Scout uniform ________ of
6.The place where you set up a living area outdoors
7.Used to immobilize a broken limb
8.Used to find your direction
10.Used with steel to start fires or to make arrowheads
12.______ Baden Powell
13.What "Do a good turn daily" is
16.___________ (2nd half of only Cub Scout award on Boy Scout uniform)
20.A house made of cloth
21.Your promise to live up to a set of values

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