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The Constitution,the Government and the Supreme Court

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55                   56            

3.This type of trial is guaranteed in the 6th Amendment
4.What Congress can do if the President vetoes
7.This cannot be excessive, based on the 8th Amendment
8.Amendment that guarantees a well-regulated militia
10.Amendment that eventually made everyone inwardly groan on April 15th each year
12.Plan based on equal representation
14.Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion
15.Congressional branch of the government, Article I
16.Furman v. Georgia dealt with the _____ penalty
17.Number of justices on the Supreme Court
22.Rebellion of Western Massachusetts
23.Amendment that guarantees the right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures
27.Allowed to have and free from in 1st Amendment
30.Branch of the government outlined in Article III
31.Document signed by King John in 1215
33.People who were against the Constitution
34.Freedom given in the 14th Amendment
35.Supreme Court case that challenged the dress code
40.Supreme Court case that says student led prayer at football games is unconstitutional
41.Repealed the 18th Amendment
43.President of the Constitutional Convention
47.Articles of _________
52.People who supported the Constitution
54.This is the document one can give the government for a redress of grievances
55.Amendment that abolished slavery
56.Number of years of House Representative's term
57.Given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment
58.Amendment being hotly debated lately -- relates to citizenship rights
1.Two houses
2.Texas v. Johnson said that flag ____ is free speech
5.President does not like bill
6.Commander in chief of the military
8.Guaranteed by the 1st Amendment
9.Counting of people every 10 years
11.Total number of senators
13.City where the Constitution was written
18.Plan that proposed representation in Congress based on population
19.Before Korematsu v US these people were sent to camps because of Pearl Harbor
20.When the people vote on all things
21.The 4th Amendment says he/she can't stay with you without your consent
24.Branch of the government outlined in Article II
25.Father of the Declaration of Independence
26.The group that elects the President
27.When people vote for other people to make decisions
28.Power to declare constitutional or unconstitutional
29.Marbury v. ________________
32.Amendment "inspired" by FDR
36.Amendment needed after Kennedy's death
37.To approve the Constitution or any part thereof
38.To whom power is given in the 10th Amendment
39.Add-ons to the Constitution
42.Number of times the Constitution has been changed
44.Major parts of the Constitution
45.Father of the Constitution
46.First capital of the United States
48.Supreme Court case that says you can invoke your 5th and 6th Amendment rights
49.Prohibited in the 18th Amendment
50.Supreme Court case that ended school segregation
51.Number of years of Senator's term
53.Amendment that says you cannot witness against yourself

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