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ER Crossword Puzzle


This is a crossword puzzle designed to test your knowledge of ER's characters, plot-lines and history.

1 2 3 4     5          
6           7 8 9 10        
      11             12 13            
14     15       16   17                   18
22                   23        
24       25   26                
29         30           31
  32                     33 34 35        
  40       41                    
  42                   43 44 45        
49               50 51                 52
54             55                    

4.Regular ER hang-out
6.Time of year that Carol cheated on Tag with Doug
10.____ McGregor, future star had to resort to robberies in his ER days
11.Carol came so close to taking her home
13.This season finale got too close to home for Mark
14.Surname of the man responsible for ER's signature look
17.Who knew Ray had French roots?
19.____ of Flying, episode
21.A spin-off, but not quite
22.WB show with which ER occasionally shared a set
26.Nickname of a former ER chief
27.Number of years Carol worked at County
28.Executive produced nearly an entire season from the beyond
29.It took the first of the Greene men
32.Writer of approximately one eighth of the series' episodes
35.He left, then came back, then left, then... I can't keep track
36.Chief resident mantra
37.Place of Abby and Neela's most intense med school rotation
38.Star director
40.Condition at the centre of Dr Greene's darkest professional moment
42.This Groom is still missing in action
45.Departed firefighter
46.May not have been Doug's soulmate, but she's still not Less Than Perfect
47.Speciality of not one, but two (and only two) characters
49.Last man standing
51.Frequent OB for the staff
54.After 2 years, the writers wait until his last 5 minutes of screen-time to reveal he has a daughter?
55.Kerry was rarely without it
56.That's _____ (sing along if you know the words!)
57.First name of Dr. Greene's real life portrayer
58.drizlzab (anagram)
1.Number of deceased regular characters
2.James took Maria out of her scrubs after just one season
3.Be Still My _____
5.Source of understanding for Benton's parental concerns
7.Neela's temporary place of employment
8.Sam's wayward ex
9.Where Susan goes to get away from smallpox
12.Number of days between Michael's death and his last talk with Neela
15.Covered for Lucy's procedural difficulties
16.the beginning of most patients' ER experience
18.If Elizabeth wanted to find this, she needed to go back to England and turn on BBC One.
20.She left ER for movies, but took an Emmy with her
23.Actress who portrayed Peter Benton's ex.
24.One of Frank's flippant interests
25.Nursing manager Carol with whom frequently clashed
30.Number of pounds Al Boulet weighed at the time of his death
31.Not a milestone, but a stone no less
32."Can't you read? No tubes!"
33.Never going to be Romano's transport of choice
34.Carter's recovery took place here
39.For all your cuts and scrapes
41.Series three ER alums graduated to
43.There is no Doubt about this guest star's Emmy power
44.Type of cancer a secondary character was diagnosed with
46.This family led to Doug's downfall
48.Luka's Shakespeare debut
52.Lucy couldn't figure out how you could swallow a hole, er, whole one
53.They were scarce in later years, but oh so common in the early ones

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