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Fliud and Electrolytes

Michelle Greene

Questions regarding fluid and electrolytes for nursing

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1.Causes fluid shifting into the cell (2 words)
4.A sign of fluid volume deficit
13.Hypotonic Over-hydration (2 words)
14.CHF and corticosteroid levels can cause? (2 words)
15.Fever and environmental heat cause what type of dehydration
2.when fluid moves out of intravascular spaces but not into intracellular space (2 words)
3.Cause of hypertonic fluid dehydration (High ECF solutes, causing cellular dehydration (3 words)
5.A signn of fluid volume overload (2 words)
6.Increase fluid in ECF space
7.Causes higher solute concentration of solutes (2 words)
8.primary cause of hypervolemia (2 words)
9.One cause of isotonic dehydration
10.only isotonic fluid used with blood transfusion (2 words)
11.From extracellular fluid volume deficit
12.equal loss of fluid and solutes

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