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Criminology Theories

Marcia Bedard

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1.a human male displaying the XYY chromosome structure
7.considered to be the "father of modern criminology
11.the likelihood that a given person will later harm society or others
13.developed the theory of Behavioral Conditioning
2.founder of the Classical School who stated that punishment should deter but not be excessive
3.theory of human behavior, based on the writings of Sigmund Freud
4.developed by Gall to study the shape of the head to determine anatomical correlates of human behavior.
5.repeat offenses
6.theory developed by Franz Joseph Gall
8.violation of social norms defining approriate or proper behavior
9.developed Hedonistic Calculus
10.a form of mental illness in which suffers are out of touch with reality
12.classification of human beings into types according to body build and other physical characteristics

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