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Opposites Attract

1     2     3
    5             6          
    7   8
9                 10                
12 13     14               15
17                                 18  

1.ammeters should always be connected in s_________
4.V = I x R is known as ______ ______
5.units for current (full name begins with A)
6.Part of an atom that is positively charged
9.A circuit needs an energy supplier, an energy user and a c________ p________
14.voltmeters should always be connected in p_________
17.The flow of electrical charge
19.The parts of the magnet labelled north and south
20.a electrical component that has the symbol of a circle with a cross in it
21.used to measure voltage
22.metals are good c___________
23.units for voltage
24.used to turn a circuit on and off
25.circuits get power from this
1.The north pole of one magnet is attracted to the _________ pole of another magnet.
2.An object that does not conduct electricity
3.When current flows through a wire it can act as a m_________
4._________________ charges attract
5.used to measure current
7.n__-m______ are usually insulators
8.like charges do this
10.A Van der Graaf generator is a source of s______ e_________
11.iron filings can be used to view a m__________ f___________
12.A conductor has free _____________
13.the amount of charge moving through a point in a circuit every second
15.units for resistance
16.The force that resists the flow of electrons in a circuit
18.a measure of the energy each electron has in a circuit

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