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Legal Terms Quiz

Hristos Sidiropoulos

This awesome puzzle will test your smarts on legal terms

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3.Deliberate destruction of the property of others.
5.The act of killing a baby.
7.Using a threat in order to gain personal gain or loss to another person.
8.Unlawful entry to property.
12.When a persons debts outweigh his assets.
13.Using threats to make the victim pay money.
14.Stealing from peoples properties in times of disorder.
17.Destroying the life of a “child capable of being born alive”.
18.Making something that is false and alleging it is genuine for the purpose of deceiving others.
20.The act killing yourself.
1.Stealing from a company or business and covering up by altering monetary records.
2.Having the intention to hurt someone.
4.The unlawful content of killing someone without a evil intention.
6.Obtaining money or goods by deliberately telling lies.
9.The act of killing your father.
10.The act of having sexual intercourse without consent.
11.The act of killing your mother.
15.Handling, receiving, keeping, removing or disposing of goods, knowing or believing them to be stolen.
16.Deliberately intending to set fire to the property/goods of others unlawfully.
19.The intention of killing and unlawful killing of a person.

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