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Mighty Boosh


Based on characters and scenes from the BBC comedy team/show "The Mighty Boosh."

1 2 3
4       5
8         9                  
    10 11    
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  16         17 18
19             20               21
  23 24            
25 26     27          

6.The Electro band
8."Bouncy, bouncy. Shoes all in a ____."
9.Tames the Ape of Death
12.The man. The myth. The maverick.
13."I'm Old Gregg. I got a ___gina."
15.Pop star with a pilot's license.
16.Find a little entrance where they can.
19.Head shaman
20.Mowgli in flares
22.The Black Tubes
24.Guardian of the mirrors
25.Something you know nothing about
29.He "done a tummy shame."
1.A Cockney nutjob
2.A vehicular menace
3."The angry ____ of trapped wind."
4.Old Gregg's favorite libation
5.Site of the Crimp Off
6.Thinks about all the tiny animal penises all over.
7.Hubba bubba nightmare
10.What "the evilest demon know to man" will unleash
11.Made from the tears of Robert Smith
14.Dixon Bainbridge owns it
17.Makes you sing and change your name to "Parsley".
18."Oriental prince in the land of ____."
21."The Boosh is loose and they're a little bit ___."
23.Number of brain cells Vince apparently has
26.Johnny has two, typically.
27.He goes by many names.
28.Preferred style of Jungle Room wolves

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