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Tom Cruise Movies

Ivan Jackman

2                     3 4           5  
6                           7      
8   9                      
12     13 14                
18         19                    
          21           22

2.The role in The Outsiders from 1983 (5-6)
4.Character in Top Gun (8)
6.Alien tripod fighting machines (3-2-3-6)
7.He tried to stop the Lord of Darkness in this 1986 movie
9.Stanley Kubrick directed in 1999 (4-4-4)
10.The 2001 movie about a successful publisher and a car accident (7-3)
11.Collateral co star (5-3)
14.MIssion Impossible character (5-4)
16.The actress who played the love interest in Top Gun (5-8)
18.the sequel to the Hustler (3-5-2-5)
21.Charlie and Raymond who won 4 Oscars (7)
23.Tropic Thunder character (3-8)
1.The character is the movie (5-7)
3.Co star in Interview with the Vampire (9-6)
5.1988 bartender movie (8)
8.Caught before the crime is commited (8-6)
12.Tom Miller in this movie(6-3-3)
13.The character of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (8)
15.Military advisor embracing this Asian culture, may be the last (7)
17.Lt. Daniel Kaffee in this movie (1-3-4-3)
19.The christian name of character in Interview with the Vampire (6)
20.Julianne Moore, William H Macy co starred in this movie (8)
22.The movie about a young lawyer (3-4)

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