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Influence of Mythology in Twentieth Century Ballets

Chiara Tondi Resta

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3.Ballet responsible for establishing Balanchine's classical "look" (costumes and style); Ballet that defined Stravinsky's novel composition style; Defined the sets and background style of mythological ballets
5.Designed the costumes for Apollo; responsible for shortening the costumes of the ballet world
8.style of dance that comes from the mythological ballets
10.Set of three ballets choreographed by Balanchine that brought acceptance of a plain, monochromatic backdrop; placed emphasis on the choreography rather than extravagant sets and costumes
12.Muse of mime
13.Goddess of the hunt
16.Wife of Orpheus
17.First ballet to mesh a true mythological style with the classics of ballet; responsible for the public acceptance of mythological ballets
1.Muse of poetry
2.Symbol of Diana; prop found in many mythological ballets
4.Father of the neoclassical syle; choreographed the "trilogy" of the mythological ballets
6.God of music; Leader of the muses; Ballet considered the birth of the Balanchine style and the turning point in Balanchine’s career
7.Muse of dance; preffered muse of Apollo
9.Responsbile for choreographing today’s practiced version of Diana and Acteon
11.Composer of Balanchine's "trilogy"; created the style of the music found in mythological ballets
14.Ballet that combined the themes of romance and passion from the ballet classics with mythology
15.Original choreographer of Diana and Acteon

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