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Astronomy Final Review

1 2
3 4               5   6   7        
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51 52           53          
54 55            

3.Collapse and explosion of star
5.Where fusion takes place
7.First day of fall and the first day of spring day and night are this
13.Astronomical cloud; beginning stage of a star
14.First man made object in space
15.Imaginary plane extending from the center of the sun; all planets orbit on or near this
17.Of the stars you see in the night sky, how many are in the Milky Way Galaxy
21.Space probe used in the 70's and 80's to photograph outer planets
22.Smaller, rocky planets
26.Term used to help us remember the colors of the visible spectrum
27.All energy produced by a star
30.Everything held in orbit by the sun
32.Larger gaseous planets
37.These constellations where very important to early cultures
38.Thickest layer of sun
39.Shape of all planetary orbits
43.Hottest stars are this color
44.Direction all objects orbit sun
45.Point of orbit that is closest to the sun
48.Mirrored lenses
49.The sun's "atmosphere"
50.Our star
51.First person to build and use telescope
53.Climate will be this with fewer sunspots
54.Process stars use to produce energy
56.Early astronmers used this to help them solve many of their problems
1.Stars that have started the process of fusion and are consuming hydrogen
2.Medium-sized star that will consume itself in about 10 billion years
4.Spectrum of light with slightly larger energy then visible light
6.Long wave radiation used to "listen" to the Universe
8.Developed three major laws of planetary motion
9.Doing this to your data helps get rid of errors
10.Causes seasons on Earth
11.Scientists looks for these
12.Anything that orbits Earth is in this environment
16.Point of orbit that is furthest from sun
18.Pattern formed by stars with relative proximity
19.Created by fusion and supernovas
20.Large, spherical body orbiting the sun in a cleared path
23.Radiation used to study black holes
24.Energy traveling in waves
25.Process scientists use to solve a problem
28.Clear lenses
29.Large mass of the universe not emitting known spectrums of radiation
31.Disturbances in space which can disrupt equipment on earth
33.Models often have these
34.Result from collapse of a star into very dense mass
36.Range of the EMS seen in a rainbow
40.This will determine the type of main sequence star that forms
41.Type of planet that has not cleared its orbit of all other objects
42.Event that happened 14 billion years ago from a very tiny amount of matter
46.These have an impact on climate but not daily weather
47.Formed due to impact of space objects
52.Average distance between the sun and earth
53.Dirty snowball in space
55.Must put this on all measurments

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