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U.S. Government - Origins and Principles

Donald Plants

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29 30                         31  

1.representatives from each of the 13 colonies
3.a country who ruler is in power due to heritege
4.an agreement issued by king of England granting right to set up a colony
5.was the president of the Constitutional Convention
6.delegates from this state walked out of convention
7._______ government supporters fears the power of big government
8.group who favored ratification of Constgituion
12.a basic set of laws and principles that establishes a nation's government
14.a sufficient number to conduct business
17.one of four characteristics of a nation
18.the institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies
24.Father of Constituion
25.Main writter of Declaration on Independence
27.group against ratification without Bill of Rights
30.God ordains the rulers to power (2 words)
32.Proposed a unicamerial legislature
33.Ambassador to England during Constitutional Convention
34.a colony ruled primarily by the king
35.absolute rule without regards to the rights and welfare of the people
36.a government that spreads power between a national government and state governments
37.a two house legislature
38.type of republic were representatives serves the will of the people
1.firm of government where the ruler(s) are not accountable to the people
2.Theory of origins of nations
9.crossing state lines
10.this givernment has all powers held by a single, central agency.
11.refusal to do trade
13.delegates from this state never arrive at convention
15.the ability to ruler without influence from outside sources
16.joining of several groups for a common purpose.
20.City where Constitutional Convention took place
21.type of dictatorship were a small group are those in power
22.this covernment selects it chief executive from the legislature
23.a colony set up by it's owner
26.one house legislature
28.inside one state
29.Large state plan
31.said he "smelled a rat" talking about Constitutional Convertion

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