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Cody Shephard

2   3                    
  5                 6      
  10 11             12        
  13             14          
15   16       17   18                            
  19                             20

3.The "bending" or "curving" of waves around an obstacle they encounter.
4.Waves per second
5."Super"Crest. "Super"Trough.
8.The measurement of the height of a crest.
10.Metres per second. Affected by medium.
12.Used in comparing wave periods. Aligning wave periods are in "________" with each other
13.Burst of energy sent through one end of a medium to another.
14.A Cycle. Time taken to complete one cycle of a wave.
15.When a crest and a trough meets. "Cancellation" (2 words)
19.Type of wave that includes crests and troughs. (2 words)
21.The change in direction of a wave due to hitting a barrier. < i = < R
22.The change in direction of a wave due to a change in speed.
23.A point on a standing wave with minimal amplitude.
24.Wavelengths per second.
1.When two crests or two troughs meet. (2 words)
2.The matter that energy is transferred through.
3.The change in frequency when an source that is emitting waves (sound) is getting closer or moving away from an object. (2 words)
6.The lowest point on a transverse wave.
7.A compression wave. (2 words)
9.The measurement from one crest to the next corresponding crest.
11.Reorganization of scattered light into straight lines.
16.The sporadic deviation of waves from traditional trajectories.
17.The highest point on a transverse wave.
18.Can be constructive or destructive. Waves Colliding.
20.A point on a standing wave with maximum amplitude.

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