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Review for First test


1 2 3
4       5          
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4.A combination of "American" and "Indian".
7.First Nations include both status and ____-non status Aboriginal people.
12.A characteristic, physical or otherwise, that one assumes is shared by all members of a particular group.
14.Most Aboriginal Canadians live in ____________ Canada.
16.The province with the largest Aboriginal population.
17.Christine Berry's "What's in a Name?" addresses the issue of political _________ in regard to acceptable terms for Aboriginal people.
18.Most First Nations people live ____ reserve.
20.The Prairies of Canada is where you would find people of the ____________ culture.
21.Joseph Idlout's son is Peter ____________.
22.More than one ________ words used in English originally came from Aboriginal languages.
23.The number of Aboriginal language families in Canada
24.Young people of this Aboriginal group have the best grasp of their traditional language.
25.The average age of the First Nations population is _________ than the rest of the Canadian population.
1.A _________ is a community of Status Indians recognized under the Indian Act.
2.A culture that arose from the intermarriage of Aboriginal women and European fur trappers.
3.Scientists who study cultures.
5.Language shapes the thoughs and __________ of a people.
6.An example of a cultural adaptation by the Inuit. It is used when hunting and fishing in the icy waters of the Far North.
8.Joseph ________ became famous when he appeared on the $2 bill.
9.Main language family of our area before the Europeans came.
10.Explorer who gave Aboriginal peoples of the Americas the name "Indian".
11._______________ Indians belong to a band and are recognized by the Canadian government.
12.Below the Arctic is the _______________ cultural environment.
13.Favourite sport of the "Chiefs".
15.Term once used instead of "Inuit".
17.The physical environment in which a people live shapes their __________ environment.
19.We live in the ____________ Woodlands cultural environment.
21.Cultural area between the Pacific Northwest and Plains cultures.

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