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Unit 2, Lesson 1.2


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1.Bring issues out into the open so they can be _____ for good.
2._____ the family rules and follow them.
6._____ may fee awkward as you talk and listen at this new level. (2 words)
7.You must acknowledge the _____ your choices have caused your family.
8.Often, it is the _____ conflicts that no one is willing to talk about.
9.Your family has _____ without you for a while.
12.In time, the family rules will _____ your presence.
17._____ will take time and work.
21.You may know what many of the _____ are.
22.Let your family members know how _____ they are to you.
23.Your family needs to experience you as positive and _____ instead of being disruptive and controlling.
24.Your _____ may have other unresolved issues also.
25.Coming home is not an event, it's a _____.
1._____ the family rules will help your family begin to trust you again.
3.Be ready to _____ to your family members. (2 words)
4.Prior to your _____, your home may have been tense and emotionally charged.
5.Now is the time to begin _____ with your family members.
10.It is important to not be _____ to be in charge.
11.Let family members know that you are ____ to change. (2 words)
13.Your _____ attitude will take the pressure off you needing to be in control.
14.There is no way to change the _____.
15.Do not avoid the _____ issues that must be talked about.
16.Many things have probably _____.
18.Open communication is the best way to gain your famili'e _____.
19.To not talk about issues is like a cancer that destroys _____ relationships
20._____ this level of open communication while you are still incarcerated.

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