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Unit 2, Lesson 1.1


1   2           3
4               5 6         7  
  9 10                        
  11                       12        
  16           17     18    
  20 21                  
22               23   24          

1.It is impossible to live our lives without making _____
4.We _____ love in many ways.
6.A healthy relationship offers each person mutual _____.
8.Being part of a _____ will help keep you from coming back to prison.
10.A person who remains in an abusive relationship has a misguided _____ of love.
11.Some people say they _____, like falling into a hole.
12.Love requires _____ and fear destroys trust.
13.A healthy relationship starts with knowing who you are and what you _____.
15.Do you still continue to treat the people you love in the same _____?
16.Making mistakes is not the problem; the problem is _____ from your mistakes.
19._____ takes time.
21.Some say love is a _____.
22.Other people say that love _____
24.The primary problem is whom and how we _____.
25._____ relationships are a burden you don't need.
26.A healthy relationship allows each person to openly _____ their needs and know that their needs will be respected and met.
2.Upon your release from prison, it is important to have one healthy _____.
3._____ relationships that take you back to places you never want to experience again.
5.A _____ guards each person's right to live safe and free from fear of the other person.
7.A person _____ truly love some one and then abuse them.
9.The ability to form _____ relationships is something we learn and practice.
14.A person who abuses a person they say they love has a _____ understanding of love.
17.Love is never _____.
18.Some people say "love at first sight" is _____.
20.An abusive relationship is held together by _____
23.Emotional, sexual, or physical abuse are _____ born out of love.

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