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Unit 6, Lesson 1.3


1 2                   3
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2._____ on your breathing in order to relax when you are stressed or in a situation that could lead to trouble.
5.The _____ of anger can be very high.
6.The process of change takes _____ on your part.
7.It helps to take deep breaths in order to reduce stress.
16._____ can reduce stress and anger.
20.Mentally, we can create _____ that give us time to think.
21.It is important to learn how to _____ your anger.
22.There are physical _____ associated with anger.
23.You will be able to see yourself going down the road to _____ and be able to stop your behavior.
24.You can _____ relaxation techniques to any stressful situation or when you feel your anger rise.
25.A little hard work is worth it because your _____ is worth it.
26._____, we can reduce the anger responses in our bodies by learning to relax and be quiet.
1._____ makes you look at a situation and ask yourself if it is worth risking your freedom.
3.The beginning of strengthening your _____ is giving yourself a chance to honestly explore how to manage your anger.
4.Positive self talk makes you _____ before you act.
8.Learning how to deal with frustration and anger is not an _____.
9.A major part of managing stress and anger is to listen to your _____
10._____ means that you give yourself time to think.
11.Try to _____ as others see you.
12.Count to ten _____ and relax.
13.Nothing excuses _____ behavior directed toward others.
14._____ is a form of anger.
15.The _____ ways to deal with and control anger involve both mental and physical techniques.
17.Self talk can be _____ and negative.
18.We can change our _____ about what we get angry about.
19.There are many _____ to anger.

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