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Mechanical Systems

Dave Mack

From Chapter 9 of Industrial Maintenance

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2.Lubricant that is a mixture of oil and thickening agents
5.Designed to reduce friction, dissipate heat, prevent wear & corrosion,...
6.A device used to check shaft alignment (2 words)
9.Microscopic peaks and valleys
10.A system used to transport material from one location to another
11.Silicone, graphite and molybdenum disulfide are examples of these (2 words)
13.A joint that consists of two yokes and a spider
15.Lubricant classified into groups A through F
19.Rolling elements of an anti-friction bearing (3 words)
20.This type of bearing does not require lubrication
24.A drive system without slippage
25.A device that used to determine proper belt tension
26.A load applied perpendicular to a rotating shaft
27.Routine maintenance to prevent equipment failure
1.FHP (2 words)
2.A sealed container that has an input shaft, output shaft and at least one set of mating gears
3.Extends bearing life by containing lubricant inside a housing
4.An excessive amount indicates belt tension is too low
7.A machine used to reduce friction and maintain clearance between moving and stationary parts
8.Main cause of mechanical system failure
12.A series of interconnected links that form a loop
14.A load applied parallel to a rotating shaft
16.Measure of resistance to flow
17.Maintenance used to determine frequency of maintenance and when equipment may fail
18.A device used to connect a mechanical device to a prime mover
21.A wheel with evenly spaced teeth
22.The period when most wear occurs
23.A tool used to remove gears, pulleys, sprockets, bearings & couplers

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