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Unit 6. Lesson 2.2


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3.Sometimes loss takes _____ to work through.
6.Loss usually _____ a wide range of emotions frim disappointment to grief.
7.Sometimes our memories are _____.
9._____ every strong emotional memory is some kind of loss.
12.Grief is a _____ to loss.
15.Sometimes all we have are _____ withought pictures to make out memories complete.
17.These losses may result in _____ such as general mistrust of others, fears of all kind, and the feeling that you are not worthy to expect much in life.
19.Think of your _____ as a seried of stories written in your mind and practiced through your emotions.
20.When you recall an _____ in your life, you experience certain visual and emotional sensations.
21.A sudden absence of something dear to you.
22.Grief _____ you down with heavy emotions like sorrow that have a profound effect on your life and health.
23._____ on your life is not about placing blame on others.
1.A large portion of a person's _____ happens when they are young.
2.Reflecting on your past has to do with _____.
4._____ can be associated with any type of loss.
5.Sometimes loss creates a _____ for what should or might have been.
8.People tend to be _____ about how they remember things.
10.Some losses can inspire strong feelings _____ your life.
11.These stories are our _____.
13._____ is a term that represents the strong emotions and sensations that accompany loss.
14.Grief can be _____ through a variety of emotions.
16.You are _____ by choices you made.
18._____ remain as unexplainable characteristice that we eventually accept as "who we are."

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