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Unit 2. Lesson 4.1


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2.The _____ is the role where the child is told you should have never been born.
5.The word _____ can mean a lot of different things
10.Parents use _____ that they learned from their parents.
11.When a family is placed in chaotic _____, each family member adapts to a role to fit whatever is needed for the family to survive.
15.A _____ sonsists of a father, a mother, and children.
18.The dysfunctional roles leave children with deep emotional _____ and attitudes that are problematic in their adult life.
22.The _____ is the role where the child takes on the role as caretaker of the younger kids.
23.The _____ is the role where the child cooks, cleans and cares for the younger kids. Often sexually abused as a substitute for a wife.
24.However, there are some parents who do a ____ in parenting their children.
25.Your family was your first and most influential _____.
26.Some parents leave terrible scars on their children that can not be _____.
1.A _____ is one where the relationships between the parents and children are strained or un-natural
3.A _____ involves one parent dealing with the responsibility of both the father and the mother.
4.Regardless of how a parent was raised, when they act out on their child in _____, they are making an independent choice to be abusive.
6.Most parents have _____ toward their child.
7.When discovering your past, we do not place _____ on your parents of grandparents.
8.The _____ is the role where the child tries to avoid abuse by staying out of everyone's way.
9.The _____ is a role in the family where the child us used like a toy for one or both parents. They may suffer physical and sexual abuse.
12.The _____ is the role where the child is pulled into the parent's problems as the peace-maker.
13._____ is a course that takes you through self discovery.
14.The _____ is the role in the family where a child can't get anything right.
16.The _____ is a role where the child feels they have to be perfect to keep everybody in the family happy.
17.Every family has some _____.
19.This role involver being told you should habe been a _____ (or boy)
20.Being a _____ is the most difficult job you could have.
21.Each parent was _____ differently

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