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Unit 6. Lesson 3.2


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2.Without empathy, they may feel little or no _____ for the harm they do to others.
4.Our earliest _____ is through emotions.
6.Children learn what _____ mean and what value their feelings have to others around them.
9.The _____ of empathy fo those who inflict harm on victims is almost always part of an emotional cycle that encourages and excuses the offender's cruel acts.
11.We must take full responsibility for our behavioral choices.
14.We must _____ the harm we have done to others.
16.To understand what another person is feeling or to be able to put yourself in another person's place and feel with the other person.
17.If a person can imagine the pain their _____ will feel before they commit a criminal act, and they learn to care, they are more likely to stop and think before they act out.
18.An _____ for the victim's pain allows offenders to tell themselves lies to justify their criminal behavior.
20._____, they feel little or no remorse when for the harm they cause or for taking things from others.
21._____ who have a responsive and nurturing parent learn their emotions.
22.People who are not in touch with their feelings have a difficult time understanding the concept of a _____.
1.We must engage in the _____.
3.If a person had problems feeling their own _____, they will have problems feeling for other people.
5.A person's ability to _____ and show empathy depends on how they were raised.
7.People are unlikely to be changed by _____ unless they realize the harm they did to others; take responsibility for their actions; and start to change.
8.When we recognize emotions in others and understand what the emotion means to that person, we learned the _____ of empathy.
10.The lack of empathy opens the door for individuals to engage in _____.
12._____ of victimless crime have ho idea of the harm they cause to themselves and their family.
13.All basic lessons of a child's _____ are learned through the intimate exchanges that take place between a parent and child.
15.To feel pitty or sorrow for another person.
19.One way to _____ empathy is to call to the child's attention the distress their behavior caused.

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