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Gov't Ch. 5& 6

No Spaces Between words

1 2 3
  8                   9          

7.People who do not believe their actions can affect politics have no sense of (2 words)
8.parties that have broken off from one of the major parties (2 words)
10.the people eligible to vote in any given election
11.The right to vote is known as franchise, or ____.
12.the dominant political parties in the United States are known as (2 words)
13.the two major parties acting together and cooperating when making decisions
14.____ seek to cause a change on one public policy matter. (3 words)
1.Any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the United States is a(n) ____. (2 words)
2.group that seeks to control government by winning elections and holding public office (2 words)
3.a person's ability to read or write is no longer used to qualify voters. (2 words)
4.____ is the term regularly used to describe those people who have no specific major party affiliation.
5.Because the United States has a ____, the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are either Republicans or Democrats. (3 words)
6.Parties that hold a particular set of beliefs that don't change are known as (2 words)
9.To prevent fraudulent voting, most States require voters to

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