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Unit 6. lesson 3.3


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1.The more open you are to feeling your own emotions, the more able you will be to feel for _____
5.It means putting yourself in another person's place
8.We often tell ourselves that painful events and things are in the _____.
9.We must _____ the harm we have done others
12._____ often say "Women really want to be raped."
14.Stuffed feelings turn into _____.
16.Those who commit crimes like rape, child molestation, domestic violence, robbery, and assault have an _____ to expereince empathy.
17.Those who are not in touch with their feelings find it hard to understand the concept of a _____ conscience.
18._____ often say "I'm not hurting the child, I'm showing him love."
19.It is unhealthy for a person to stuff feelings.
2.Sometimes feelings make us realize that we need help to _____.
3._____ of unresolved loss include drug use, drinking and criminal behavior.
4._____ often say "If she would just learn who'se the boss, I wouldn't have to beat her."
6.We must take full _____ for our behavioral choices.
7.Empathy is built on _____.
10._____ are a necessary part of life.
11.It means to show pitty or sorrow for another person.
13.We must _____ in the process of change.
15.Those who do not feel their own _____ fell little or no remorse for those they harm they cause others.

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